By using Sancell’s unique capability to provide a complete tailored cold chain solution, Karmic can now conveniently deliver to their expanding customer base all while ensuring their organic cold pressed juices arrive perfectly chilled with all live nutrients and enzymes kept 100% intact.

Many of the most exciting businesses have been borne from brave entrepreneurs following their passion. Karmic Cold Pressed Juice is a wonderful example of such courage, ingenuity, passion and hard work. At Sancell we have been lucky enough to work with this inspiring business to help develop a cold-chain solution to help facilitate their expanding business.

Husband and wife team Sam and Lisa De Bruin have taken their love of juicing and cleansing for health and wellness to the masses.  Operating out of a commercial kitchen in Port Melbourne, Karmic offers a range of carefully curated juice cleanses, bone broths, healing soups and protein bars.  Karmic cleanses are not treated with heat, high-speed aeration, preservatives, pasteurisation or additives.  Meaning each juice contains only what is included on the ingredient list, but also makes them highly perishable.  Made fresh to order, Karmic juice cleanses contain fresh ingredients and are supplied only in glass jars and bottles to ensure freshness and maximum nutrition.

Karmic’s premium quality cleanses, made from premium fresh ingredients combined with a ‘delivered fresh and ready to cleanse to your door’ service was incredibly ambitious. But through Karmic’s dedication to their product, what was once considered an indulgence has become a routine health practice to the loyal and growing Karmic fan-base.

However, with growth comes challenges for any business and for Karmic there have been a few. The Karmic customer base has expanded beyond metro-Melbourne to include regional centres such as Geelong, Shepparton, Gippsland, The Yarra Valley, Phillip Island, Portsea and beyond. This meant the business could not deliver all the cleanses themselves and now have to use third party couriers.  Acknowledging that convenience is key in these busy times, Karmic had to engineer a solution that would allow them to deliver their juice cleanses and leave at the door for customers to receive when they get home from work or school while ensuring the products stays under 5 degrees.  To achieve this, Karmic place their products inside their own branded cooler bag with Sancell Proteta Chill gel ice packs then place this inside a robust outer carton lined with a Sancell thermal liner.  As a finishing touch the liner is sealed with a Karmic branded sticker giving a high-quality customer unboxing experience, all while ensuring product arrives perfectly chilled with all live nutrients and enzymes kept 100% intact.  Sancell’s unique bubble layer also provides a barrier of cushioning protection helping to reduce breakages in transit.

Our bodies have their own natural detoxification processes, Karmic co fonder Sam explains, however, all too often they are overloaded and cannot function correctly.  Karmic Cold Pressed Juices provide the body with the purest form of raw nutrients to achieve a myriad of benefits that you can learn more about here.  Choose from their range of cleanses designed to aid in health issues such as gut health, immunity, general well-being and weight loss.

At Sancell we love working with innovative companies like Karmic to tailor effective cold chain solutions that ensure their temperature sensitive products arrive to customers in perfect condition each and every time.  100% recyclable and proudly made in Australia, explore our Cold Chain Solutions product range including Protecta Chill Gel Packs, Thermal bags, and Carton Liners.  With full customisation capabilities, we have the unique ability to adapt the perfect cold chain solution for your specific business requirements.