By incorporating Sancell Thermal Liners and ProtectaChill Gel Ice Packs into their packaging system, The Wholesome Dog have been able to streamline delivery operations and expand their service area sooner and wider than they initially expected.

Fed up with the lack of nutritional dog food available on the market and the conflicting information available to owners about the best food to feed your dog.  Dog lovers Sheetal and Andrew decided to do something about it with an innovative new approach to feed your best friend delicious healthy dog food.

“We have been conditioned over many years by commercial pet food companies to believe that kibble is the best food to feed your dog.  However, all the scientific research suggests that, like humans, feeding dogs a fresh food diet has an enormous impact on their health and wellbeing” Explains Andrew, a now qualified canine nutritionist.  “Through a process called extrusion, kibble is heat treated to extreme temperatures to give the product a long shelf life which denaturalises the food and significantly reduces the nutritional integrity of the ingredients used”.

When one of their own dogs started facing health issues, Sheetal and Andrew ditched commercial dog food and set about preparing lightly cooked food for their dog at home.  They found the process to be time consuming and also difficult to determine the correct recipes and ingredients to use, with 95% of online home-cooked dogfood recipes lacking the crucial nutrients dogs need.  It was through this experience that the idea for The Wholesome Dog was born.

The Wholesome Dog prepares fresh healthy dog food made from real, human-grade ingredients.  When you sign up to one of their flexible subscription plans, you’re first asked a few simple questions to build a profile for your pup.  This information is then used to create a perfectly portioned, nutritionally balanced meal plan that is tailored specifically for your dog taking into consideration their unique attributes such as age, size, breed, sex, weight and activity level.  Using only the highest quality, human-grade ingredients, their meals are lightly cooked in small batches at an optimum temperature to eliminate bacteria while preserving maximum nutritional integrity.

Sheetal and Andrew’s vision is to make feeding your pup fresh home cooked dog food as easy as possible by providing nutritionally balanced meals that are delivered straight to your door in convenient feeding packs – this meant that designing an optimum process for fresh dog food delivery was always a key part of their business plan. By incorporating Sancell Thermal Liners and ProtectaChill Ice Packs into their packaging system, The Wholesome Dog have been able to streamline delivery operations and expand their service area sooner and wider than they initially expected.

The Wholesome Dog made a commitment to ensure all their packaging remains 100% recyclable and eco-friendly while remaining as cost effective as possible.  Sancell cold chain solutions are produced under an ISO Environment management system, made with 100% recyclable LDPE4, contain 20% recycled content and are high quality and suitable for reuse.  Liners and gel pack cases can be sustainably disposed of with soft plastics at 1800+ supermarkets nationwide to be recycled into a myriad of useful items such as park benches, bollards and fencing.

Unlike alternatives such as polystyrene cartons and natural fibre liners that take up significant storage and freight space, Sancell Thermal liners are lightweight, compact and easy to use resulting in further operational and environmental savings.  Sancell Thermal Liners can be quickly dispensed and placed in a carton when packing and have the flexibility to be folded down to the required size to closely encapsulate cold items and maximise thermal performance.

With the help of a Sancell cold chain home delivery system, The Wholesome Dog have created the ideal solution for busy pet owners who want the best for their dogs but don’t have the time or knowhow to make their own fresh dog food at home.  With prices starting from as little as $2 a day for small dogs, free delivery to your door and the ability to pause and cancel your subscription at any time, it’s no wonder dog owners all over Melbourne are joining The Wholesome Dog pack.  View their range of delicious dog food recipes and get your dog started on a fresh dog food diet today!