Our Foam is an inexpensive insurance policy that ensures your craftmanship is the only thing your customers will receive! Our non-abrasive Foam solutions are perfect for surface protection; while unique shock-absorbing properties provide confidence for stacking fragile products. Use with glass, stone, laminate, stainless steel, timber, leather and powder coated products. So all you need to decide is the thickness of foam best suited to your product!

We've perfected the art of Foam manufacture. By investing in the best quality people, machinery and raw materials we are able to produce Australia's softest and silkiest all-purpose Foam wraps.

Let us tailor a solution to your needs. We produce Foam Rolls in lengths ranging from 100 to 500 metres. Choose your foam thickness depending on your application, from half to ten millimetres thick.

Slit and perforate your Sancell Foam Rolls to suit your individual packing requirements. Minimise waste by slitting Rolls to the precise width required. Reduce knife and material handling by including easy-to-tear perforations along your rolls.

We've done our research. By visiting the worlds leading Foam manufacturers, we have learned the most efficient and effective manufacturing processes. This ensures we consistently produce only the best quality Foam wraps and products for our customers.


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0.5mm TO 10mm THICK
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Sancell Full Foam Rolls

Full Rolls

Sancell Slit and Perforated rolls

Slit & Perforated Rolls

Sancell Bags & Loose Sheets

Bags & Loose Sheets


Weight Product Dimensions Slit Qty p/carton Item Code
FOAM 0.5mm 1.2 500 1.2M X 500M FGF005MMSRS001
FOAM 1mm 1.2 100 1.2M X 100M FGF010MMSRS001
FOAM 1mm 1.2 300 1.2M X 300M FGF010MMSRS004
FOAM 1mm 1.2 500 1.2M X 500M FGF010MMSRS005
FOAM 2mm 1.2 100 1.2M X 100M FGF020MMSRS001
FOAM 2mm 1.2 250 1.2M X 250M FGF020MMSRS004
FOAM 3mm 1.2 100 1.2M X 100M FGF030MMSRS001
FOAM 4mm 1.2 100 1.2M X 100M FGF040MMSRS001
FOAM 6mm 1.2 70 1.2M X 70M FGF060MMSRS001
FOAM 8mm 1.2 50 1.2M X 50M FGF080MMSRS001
FOAM 10mm 1.2 45 1.2M X 45M FGF100MMSRS001
Weight Product Dimensions Slit Qty p/carton Item Code
FOAM 0.5mm 1.5 500 1.5M X 500M FGF005MMSRS002
FOAM 1mm 1.5 300 1.5M X 300M FGF010MMSRS006
FOAM 2mm 1.5 250 1.5M X 250M FGF020MMSRS005
FOAM 4mm 1.5 100 1.5M X 100M FGF040MMSRS003