Armour Padded Mailer Bags are lightweight, robust and designed to ensure goods are packed en route quickly, safely and in style. With all-round padded protection, tamper-evident seals and water repellent films, Armour are the sleekest and most fit-for-purpose padded mailer on the market! Available in sleek black and traditional white with option to add your brand colours, messaging and logos... the customisation options are endless. The best part? Armour Padded Mailer Bags are made from 100% recyclable LDPE4 and contain a minimum of 15% Recycled content! The entire Armour Bag range is RedCycle approved and can be placed into RedCycle bins in over 1,850 supermarkets Australia wide.

Armour Padded Mailer Bags are approved for deposit through the REDcycle program for recycling with 1850+ drop off points available nationwide at Coles and Woolworths supermarkets. Soft plastics are collected and sent to REPLAS to be repurposed into products such as park bench seats, decking, bollards, signage, fencing and a myriad of other useful items.

We supply some of Australia's largest online retailers with padded mailers. As local manufacturers, we can make and deliver custom bags quickly with lower MOQ's. All Armour Bags are proudly made in Australia... and always will be.

Do you send out retail goods with a return policy? Add a returnable retail seal to your padded mailer. Allow your customers to make easy, hassle-free returns and do your part in reducing waste to landfill.

Customise your bags however you wish. Want us to print your logo or add your brand colours? We can do it all! Available in 10 stock sizes either matte black or white and choose from end or side opening bags to suit your particular packing requirements.

Armour Padded Mailer Bags are made of a strong four layer LDPE, giving you all-around padded protection. A tamper-evident seal on each bag gives you peace of mind with every delivery.

These proudly Australian made bags have a lot going for them. Every Armour Padded Mailer contains 15% recycled content. Not only that, all Sancell bags are made from 100% recyclable LDPE4.


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Custom sizes available on request

Can’t find a size that suits? As the manufacturer, we can custom make bags to suit just about any requirement and application.

Contact your Area Manager or our Customer Service Team for more information or product samples.

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Weight Product Dimensions Slit Qty p/carton Item Code
ARMOUR WHITE 1 151 (op) x 220 + 50 Flap w Tape 350 FGPS10MM3BS011
ARMOUR WHITE 3 210 (op) x 270 + 50 Flap w Tape 200 FGPS10MM3BS012
ARMOUR WHITE 5 241 (op) x 345 + 50 Flap w Tape 150 FGPS10MM3BS013
ARMOUR WHITE S 265 (op) x 375 + 50 Flap w Tape 100 FGPS10MM3BS014
ARMOUR WHITE 6 304 (op) x 400 + 50 Flap w Tape 100 FGPS10MM3BS015
ARMOUR WHITE 7 360 (op) x 470 + 50 Flap w Tape 75 FGPS10MM3BS016
Weight Product Dimensions Slit Qty p/carton Item Code
ARMOUR BLACK B1 280 (op) x 230 + 30 Flap & Tape 175 FGPS10MM3BS112
ARMOUR BLACK B2 300 (op) x 280 + 30 Flap & Tape 125 FGPS10MM3BS113
ARMOUR BLACK B3 345 (op) x 300 + 30 Flap & Tape 100 FGPS10MM3BS114
ARMOUR BLACK B4 390 (op) x 345 + 30 Flap & Tape 100 FGPS10MM3BS115