Our exclusive and purpose-engineered surface protection products contain specialised films that resist punctures and tears whilst also preventing scratching and marking on vulnerable surfaces.
Suited to long-distance travel, heavy handling and even inter-continental shipping; the strength of our films means they are tear and puncture resistant ensuring your goods arrive at their destination in pristine condition. Many of our furniture and surface protection products are made from LDPE4, making them 100% recyclable through the REDcycle program as well as light and easy to handle.

ArmourWrap is our latest surface and freight protection product offering superior performance and durability. Ensure your goods arrive safely and in style with 5 layers of protection featuring an extra tough, puncture and tear-resistant outer layer with a sleek modern matte finish.

ProtectaWrap boasts an inside transmission film which is non-abrasive, non-marking, breathable and mildly moisture absorbent and vapor permeable. This light-weight weatherproof product is strong, tear-resistant and perfectly suited to custom printing.

ProtectaSoft is a single-sided wrap featuring a high slip, non-abrasive inner layer. Often custom converted into bags, sleeves or tubes for individual packing requirements ProtectaSoft gently protects timber, glass & metal surfaces.

With the combined protection of bubble and softness of foam, bubble laminated foam wrap is a strong and versatile packing solution. An all-purpose and economical product that is suitable for use with just about any sensitive surface or product.

All of our printed films are Pantone colour matched. We ensure your colours are correct with the worlds premier colour formula guide.


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Sancell Protect Wrap

Protect Wrap

Sancell Protecta Soft

Protecta Soft

Sancell Foam Laminated Bubble

Foam Laminated Bubble

Sancell Corner Pieces

Corner Pieces


Weight Product Dimensions Slit Qty p/carton Item Code
SS PSL 103 100 1.5M X 100M FGLA10MM3BS101
SS PSR 103 100 1.5M X 100M FGLA10MM3BS113
SS PSH 103 100 1.5M X 100M FGLA10MM3BS114
Weight Product Dimensions Slit Qty p/carton Item Code
PWSL 103 100 1.5M X 100M FGLA10MM3BS207
PWL 103 100 1.5M X 100M FGLA10MM3BS201
PWR 103 100 1.5M X 100M FGLA10MM3BS202
PWH 103 100 1.5M X 100M FGLA10MM3BS116
PW PRO 1.5M X 50M FGLA10MM3BS117
Weight Product Dimensions Slit Qty p/carton Item Code
Weight Product Dimensions Slit Qty p/carton Item Code
FOAM 103 0.5mm 1.5M X 100M FGLA10MM3BS301