Our Cold Chain products, though seemingly simple (essentially a bag of gooey gel!) are cost-effective, safe and suitable for use across a number of industries. Pair ProtectaChill Gel Packs with Silver Sheen Thermal Liners and Bags for a complete Cold Chain Solution. Artisan Cheeses, Gourmet Oysters, convenient Meal Kits, Blood Donations and Pathology samples are just a few products that will arrive safely and temperature controlled with the help of Sancell Cold Chain Solutions!

Developed and tested in-house, ProtectaChill Gel Packs have been engineered for maximum performance and durability. Made with high quality films and extra strong seals that minimise leakages; our Gel formula is 100% non-toxic, eco-friendly and stays frozen significantly longer than ice.

Made with 20% recycled content and 100% recyclable LDPE4, EnviroTherm Thermal Liners and Bags offer maximum thermal performance and protection to ensure your goods arrive in tip-top condition. Need something more specific? EnviroTherm Thermal Liners are completely customisable!

Silver Sheen Eco is specifically engineered to optimise material value and minimise impacts on the environment. It requires less energy and fossil fuels to transport, as well as less space to store, transport and recycle.

ProtectaChill Gel Pack outer cases and Silver Sheen Eco Thermal Liners are approved for disposal through 1,850+ REDcycle bins found in supermarkets Australia wide. Once REDcycled, they are collected and delivered to REPLAS to be repurposed into park bench seats, decking, bollards, signage, fencing and several other useful items.

Thermal bags are a convenient way to pack, store or send your perishable products. Include an adhesive seal to lock in cold and ensure freshness.

Pair your Silver Sheen Liner with a ProtectaChill Gel Pack for an effective Cold Chain Solution!


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Weight Product Dimensions Slit Qty p/carton Item Code
THERMAL BAG 400mm (OP) X 350mm + 50mm FLAP + TAPE 75 FGLB10MM3BS165
THERMAL BAG 480mm (OP) X 280mm + 130mm FLAP + TAPE 85 FGLB10MM3BS050
Weight Product Dimensions Slit Qty p/carton Item Code
THERMAL LINER 650mm(OP) X 625mm(Depth) 150 FGPB10MM3BS035
THERMAL LINER 750mm(OP) X 575mm(Depth) + 100mm FLAP + TAPE 150 FGPB10MM3BS080
Weight Product Dimensions Slit Qty p/carton Item Code
300G GP PROCHILL 300G 150mm X 150mm 44 FGG0300GNBS101
500G GP PROCHILL 500G 150mm X 220mm 28 FGG0500GNBS101
750G GP PROCHILL 750G 200mm X 320mm 16 FGG0750GNBS101
1KG GP PROCHILL 1KG 200mm X 320mm 14 FGG1000GNBS101
1.25KG GP PROCHILL 1.25KG 200mm X 320mm 12 FGG1250GNBS101
Weight Product Dimensions Slit Qty p/carton Item Code
300G GP PROCHILL BUBBLE 300G 150mm X 150mm 32 FGG0300GBUS101
500G GP PROCHILL BUBBLE 500G 150mm X 220mm 20 FGG0500GBUS101
750G GP PROCHILL BUBBLE 750G 200mm X 320mm 14 FGG0750GBUS101
1KG GP PROCHILL BUBBLE 1KG 200mm X 320mm 12 FGG1000GBUS101
1.25KG GP PROCHILL BUBBLE 1.25KG 200mm X 320mm 10 FGG1250GBUS101