I'm speaking to Peter Megas, proud Owner/Director of Claringbold's Seafoods on how he uses Sancell Protecta Chill™ Gel Packs to improve his customer's experience


Claringbold’s Seafood is arguably a Melbourne Institution. Located in foodie-heaven, Praharan Market their display cabinet is brim-ing (excuse the fishy pun!) with scallops, oysters, prawns, a multitude of fresh fish fillets, Moreton Bay bugs, lobsters and the freshest sushi you’re ever likely to see.

I’m speaking to Peter Megas, proud Owner/Director of Claringbold’s Seafoods about how he uses Sancell Protecta Chill Gel Packs to improve his customer experience. Behind the counter Peter’s team are a hubbub, preparing their delectable produce for the day’s onslaught of devoted customers. Established in 1909, Claringbold’s reputation has been built over more than a century, with any self-respecting Melbournian foodie familiar with the Seafood icon. Many of Peter’s customers have been coming to him for decades and I get a real sense that his heart and soul resides in his business. The longevity of the Claringbold’s brand is enviable and something only attained when the focus is on consistent quality.

Muscles are being cleaned and oysters shucked while staff chat amiably to customers. They talk about the day’s freshest catch, the best way to prepare their fillets and the wellbeing of their families. I can tell customer relationships are essential to the Claringbold’s brand and business. From the neat, distinguishable navy blue uniforms with white boots and aprons to the meticulously laid out display cabinets, there is a real sense of pride in what the team do and what the Claringbold’s brand means.

Claringbolds Seafoods

Peter tells me that frozen Sancell Gel Packs are included with many of the customer’s orders. Anything from a sushi pack to a weeks worth of fresh fish, the aim is always freshness. “We don’t know how long it takes them to get home, especially as the days get warmer…” Peter says, and when your entire brand is based on its reputation for freshness it’s imperative goods reach their destination fresh and ready for consumption. Gel packs are a cost-effective way of regulating temperature and ensuring produce reaches it’s destination in prime condition. “Customers have come to expect them”, Peter tells me of his Gel Packs and it is evident that quality overrides price in his decision making. For the small price of a Sancell Gel Pack he’s assured that his produce remains fresh and his customers happy.

Peter uses Claringbold’s branded Gel Packs in conjunction with insulated shopping bags when required. A complete thermal solution for his customers which allows them to continue browsing the market and Chapel Street shopping precinct confident their seafood will remain fresh. He makes purchasing seafood, a highly perishable product, easy and hassle-free. Now if that is not the ultimate in customer service from a small business, then I don’t know what is.