This family business is now 14 years young, born on the back of Craig Doyle's 30 years experience and a genuine passion for the protective packaging industry.

Craig Doyle from CSD Packaging has an uncomplicated philosophy, ‘Customers want it to be simple’. As a small, independent packaging distributor just out of Melbourne, Craig’s ethos is visible in all the ways he conducts business. Craig is often Sancell’s go-to guy for small orders and leads that require fast follow-up in Melbourne’s East. Being a manufacturer, Sancell are not always geared to follow up every small enquiry that comes our way. We rely heavily on our distributor network to connect with the users of Sancell products.

Be it a single carton of Armour Padded Mailer Bags or a roll of Recovery Bubble Wrap, we can always count on Craig to follow up with his usual friendly demeanour and nothings-too-much-trouble attitude. Craig says CSD Packaging has developed many long-term customers through facilitating the small-value orders large distributors just aren’t interested in. He has grown many a long-term customer by supplying them with complimentary products like tapes, labels, cartons and stretch film as their business grows.

Craig has a long affiliation with Sancell and remembers as far back as 30 years ago (when he was cutting his teeth at Grayson Packaging) being approached by a Japanese businessman enquiring about building a machine to make bubble bags. At the time, the team at Grayson Packaging thought the man positively crazy and told him they couldn’t help. Unbeknownst to Craig at the time, the Japanese man that stood before them was Tim Suzuki, founding Director of Sancell Pty Ltd who was in the process of establishing Australia’s premier packaging manufacturer. Craig often laments about what could have been had he been more helpful.

What-ifs aside, Craig is proud of his business and delivers orders himself where possible, occasionally enlisting the help of his son Ryan and wife Dale. This family business is now 14 years young, born on the back of Craig’s 30 years experience and genuine passion for the packaging industry.

CSD Packaging sells a huge range of consumables, packaging supplies, gel packs, butchers paper and is Australia’s exclusive importer of Pakman resealable bags. Located in Bayswater, Craig has a local customer base, smaller than many larger packaging distributors. Craig believes there are several benefits to being a smaller player in the packaging game; flexible working conditions, being your own boss and you can just tell he enjoys his customer and supplier relationships.

Craig values innovation, investing in his web presence and online ordering facilities. To make every transaction a simple one Craig has Tap-and-Go facilities for convenient payment on the run. He’s a small operation but he moves with the times. Craig’s reputation for ‘nothings-too-much-trouble’ has developed, over the years, a steady stream of leads, recommendations and repeat business. CSD Packaging has truly been built from a dedication to good old-fashioned customer service.

Independent Sancell Distributor