Sancell has proudly produced quality insulation products for CSR Bradford since 2013.

Initially toll manufacturing the Polyair Unicell brand of bubble core thermo reflective insulation products, Sancell proved to be a reliable and innovative supplier of premium insulation product. Working with CSR Bradford on initiatives such as custom length rolls for major projects it is from the development of this initially modest product range that the CSR Bradford / Sancell relationship was born.

CSR Bradford has since gone on to collaborate with Sancell to extend and compliment their Polyair Unicell (air cell core) range to produce the Performa XHD (foam core) range of thermo reflective insulation products. Through stringent testing and strict adherence to BCA compliance requirements, the thermo reflective insulation product range compliments the established range of CSR Bradford products. Bradford Polyair and Performa products can be used in a range of wall and roof systems to help improve performance.

Sancell’s relationship with Bradford has been a testament to what can be achieved when a business collaborates with a local manufacturer to create and grow a range of niche and unique products. As manufacturers these are the ideal types of businesses Sancell aim to align with to ensure our much loved manufacturing sector remains innovative, resourceful and always forward thinking.