WRS Orora are one of Australia's leading industrial packaging consumables solutions provider.

Sancell began working with WRS (formerly known as Wayne Richardson Sales) as far back as the mid 1990s initially supplying bubble bags and protective wraps. Since this time WRS has expanded to become WRS Orora and now operates from 10 sites across Australia, proudly providing enhanced service levels no matter the location. Sancell still proudly supplies all WRS Orora sites with our tried and trusted bubble bags, protective wraps, foam wraps, gel packs and a host of other protective packaging solutions.

Sancell and WRS Orora have built a strong working partnership during the last two decades. In collaboration we have optimised product offerings, tailoring solutions always with the end-user in mind. We even developed unique product lines available exclusively through WRS Orora. This strong relationship impacts freight capability also with semi-loads of product sent to end-users on behalf of WRS Orora from Sancell every week. This means product arrives at its destination faster, straight from the manufacturer to the (roller) door.

WRS Orora have proudly developed strong relationships with many of their suppliers and Sancell are no exception. This allows them to source products at competitive prices and pass on the savings to their customers. The virtues of long-term business relationships such as Sancell and WRS Orora are manyfold. Not least of those is the trust that arises from working alongside trusted suppliers to solve problems and work through issues when they inevitably arise. The Sancell / WRS Orora story looks set to continue well into the future… and we of course are hoping that it does.