When you choose Sancell packaging solutions, you’re not just choosing a reliable supplier; you’re choosing a partner in sustainability and compliance.

In today’s world where sustainability and environmental responsibility is taking center stage, understanding, and complying with Australia’s packaging regulations is paramount. It’s not just about delivering quality products to your customers, but ensuring your packaging aligns with local and national packaging standards.

Sancell is a trusted name in the packaging industry that not only prides themselves on high-quality but also places a strong emphasis on packaging compliance in Australia. In this blog, we will explore the ever-changing packaging regulations in Australia and how Sancell keeps up to provide you with packaging solutions that meet these requirements.

The Importance of Packaging Regulations

Australia is no exception to the global movement towards more sustainable packaging practices. The government and environmental partners have set strict regulations to mitigate the environmental impact of packaging materials. These regulations address factors such as waste management, recyclability and circular materials.

National Plastics Plan

Australia’s National Plastics Plan is comprehensive strategy aimed at addressing plastic waste and promoting sustainability in plastic use. It includes measures to increase recycling rates, reduce single-use plastics, and improve product design for recyclability.


Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) leads the development for a circular economy for packaging in Australia. APCO actively works with government bodies, industries and strategic partners and have implemented the 2025 National Packaging Targets that apply to all packaging that is made, used and sold in Australia.

Non-compliance to these regulations can not only result in fines but also reputational damage. Therefore, business should stay informed about the evolving rules and guidelines to ensure their packaging adheres to standards.

How Sancell Stays Compliant

Continuous Monitoring

Sancell has a dedicated Sustainability Team that closely monitors changes in packaging regulations at both federal and state levels. Our Sustainability Team ensures that every product complies with the latest guidelines and standards in our Environmental Management System.

Material Selection

Sancell places strong emphasis on using materials that have the environment in mind. More recently we have worked on sourcing many of our materials from local suppliers to reduce carbon emissions.

In 2023 we released our signature Phoenix material to the market which consists of 50% recycled content (25% post-consumer recycled content and 25% post-industrial recycled content, all locally sourced). The Phoenix material is now offered as a standard inclusion across our flagship products; Standard Bubble, Silver Sheen Thermal Liners and Bags, and Armour Padded Mailer Bags.

Innovative Designs

Creating packaging solutions that not only meet regulatory criteria but also optimize space, minimise waste and enhance the functionality of the packaging is always at the forefront of our design concepts.

One of the major benefits our customer has experienced with Silver Sheen Eco is the 1mm structure taking up 75% less space than regular thermal liners. This means out customers can optimise not only space in their warehouses but also benefit from freight savings.


Sancell has proactively partnered with relevant bodies including APCO, ANZPAC, RecycleSMART to stay updated on the latest packaging regulations and developments.

The Future of Packaging Compliance

Consumer Perception and Education

While overarching sustainability targets are well-defined, it’s often challenging for consumers to recognise a packaging solution that genuinely minimises its environmental footprint.

Take the perpetual debate between paper and plastic. The core of sustainability extends beyond the disposal phase; it encompasses the entire lifecycle including the manufacturing process. The substantial greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprints associated with paper production significantly contribute to the environmental equation. Learn more here.

Circular Economy

Australia is embracing the concept of a circular economy, which focuses on recycling, reducing waste and reusing materials. Sancell is working on packaging solutions that align with this philosophy.

In summary, staying compliant with packaging regulations in Australia is not just a legal requirement; it’s a commitment to environmental sustainability. At Sancell, we understand this and we take it seriously.

So, when you choose Sancell packaging solutions, you’re not just choosing a reliable supplier; you’re choosing a partner in sustainability and compliance. Rest assured, your packaging will meet all regulatory requirements and be aligned with future responsible packaging practices in Australia.

Navigating Packaging Regulations in Australia