The main barrier to online shopping is 'product returns'. In response, Sancell developed the 'Returnable Retail Seal'.

According to their 2017 eCommerce Industry paper, Australia Post and Star Track deliver more than 4 billion items to 11.5 million addresses across Australia annually. During 2016, 22% of online purchases were made in the Fashion category while Health & Beauty accounted for almost 9%. Combined, these categories alone equate to 40 million items delivered to homes, post lockers and workplaces around the country each year.

Often, the nature of health and beauty products are small to medium parcels that are enclosed in branded packaging already designed to protect the goods during transit and are easy to handle and pack. Fashion products are often lightweight and require a single, protective outer mailer to get them to their destination in perfect condition. Overwhelmingly, women are more likely to purchase products online than their male counterparts. But one big issue remains at the moment of purchase, “what if I’m not happy with my purchase?”.

According to the paper, the main barrier to adopting online shopping is ‘product returns’. Consumer concern at how to efficiently return unwanted, incorrect or ill-fitting items is the biggest deterrent to purchasing online. Fashion retailers have had to develop well-defined, easy return options to put their customers at ease and encourage purchasing. Those online businesses that have been the first to streamline the returns process have seen more repeat business and happier customers. Supplying a returnable bag with each delivery means the customer can avoid the hassle of sourcing a bag to return their goods or having to go into the post office.

Sancell Returnable Retail Seal

In collaboration with some of Australia’s largest online retailers, Sancell have developed the “Returnable Retail Seal”. This packaging solution gives customers a well defined, easy-to-use return option. The bag seals first when the product is packed and sent, opens easily upon delivery along a perforated line and is easily returned (if required) using a secondary tamper-evident seal. This in turn gives customers the confidence to make online purchases.

In addition to the Returnable Retail Seal, Sancell Padded Mailer bags are made of weather-proof material, ensuring goods are safe from the elements if left unattended. All mailer bags offer the all-around protection of bubble, are lightweight for posting and 100% recyclable. Our bags can be completely customised through colour, sizing and print options, limited only by your imagination. Get in touch today to talk about Padded Mailers to suit your unique eCommerce business and take the hassle out of product returns.

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