Introducing EnviroTherm 100% recyclable LDPE 4 thermal liners!

Suitable for disposal at over 1800 supermarket bins Australia wide for recycling and repurposing, EnviroTherm is our most environmentally sustainable cold chain shipping solution available.  Holding the number 4 recycling symbol EnviroThermcan be re-milled and repurposed into garbage bags, packaging, building materials, bollards, decking, fencing, signage and a myriad of other outdoor and industrial products.  Because of its many uses, LDPE is widely accepted by post-industrial recycling schemes.

We have been engineering and producing unique high-quality packaging products for more than 30 years.  Established industry leaders in cold chain packaging solutions, we were the first Australian manufacturer to produce Thermal liners and today we supply some of the biggest names in food delivery and pharmaceutical. Our technical team using state of the art equipment in our dedicated in-house test facility, develop, test and validate all our products to ensure the highest quality and performance.  We have carried out more that 50 temperature profiling tests allowing us to offer customised thermal solutions for our customers specific needs.

We can recycle all EnviroTherm production waste in-house allowing us to re-purpose through adding a minimum 20% recycled content into all EnviroTherm products.  Produced in compliance with ISO 14001 Environment management system we are committed to environmental protection and waste reduction.  Internally we recycle 94 tonnes of industrial waste per annum and through continual improvement initiatives we have seen a further 7 tonnes of waste eliminated from our process each year!

Residential curb side collection of soft plastics is just around the corner.  Successful ongoing trials have been underway since 2016 in various municipalities across Victoria which have been met with an overwhelmingly positive response from the households involved.  With mounting public concern, governing bodies are responding to public pressure and acting on the issue with curbside collection primed for imminent expansion across the country.

By switching to EnviroTherm liners you will be set up with the most cost effective and environmentally sustainable thermal packaging system available, truly closing the loop for a circular economy.

View and download the EnviroTherm Brochure here.