Whether you’re a part of the food, pharmaceutical or chemical industry, investing in ThermaWeave technology is a step forward to ensuring the quality of your products throughout their journey.

In the world of logistics and transportation, maintaining the quality of temperature-sensitive goods is paramount. This is where ThermaWeave Pallet Covers step in to ensure the preservation of goods under various temperature conditions. Understanding Sancell’s ThermaWeave Pallet Cover technology makes them the top choice for cold chain transport.

ThermaWeave Features

Reflective Properties

Engineered with advanced materials that possess excellent thermal insulation properties. In circumstances where radiant heat dominates heat transfer, the reflective surfaces offer a radiant heat barrier helping to maintain a consistent and controlled temperature throughout the cold chain. This reflective feature minimises heat fluctuations, safeguarding temperature-sensitive products during transit.

Superior Strength

Engineered with high-quality durable materials to withstand the toughest conditions, offering exceptional resistance to tears, punctures, and abrasions.r it’s extreme weather, heavy handling, or rough transportation, ThermaWeave Pallet Covers offer unmatched protection during transit.

ThermaWeave Performance

Our in-house testing proves consistency in the thermal protection of ThermaWeave Pallet Covers, maintaining the desired temperature over a set period of time.

ThermaWeave Benefits

Temperature Consistency

Ensures the temperature inside the pallet remains consistent which is essential for products such as pharmaceuticals and food that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

Cost Effective

Provides an affordable alternative to refrigerated trucks and containers.

Environmental Sustainability

Covers are Australian-made and manufactured under ISO 9001 Quality and Environment 14001 Management Systems. With their ability to maintain temperature stability, these covers can reduce energy consumption, and carbon footprint and they can be reused again and again! ThermaWeave also helps to reduce product waste caused by spoilage.


Sancell offers a range of standard sizes and offers custom sizing to allow businesses to choose a size that best suits their specific needs.

Space Saving

Pallet covers fold down to 0.01m3, saving space and storage costs.

Applications and Industries

Food: Ideal for transporting perishable goods such as fresh produce, dairy, and frozen products.

Pharmaceuticals: Temperature-sensitive medications and vaccines can be safely transported in a maintained environment.

Chemicals: Keeps chemicals under controlled temperatures.

Sancell’s ThermaWeave Pallet Covers are not just protective covers, they are a testament to innovation in temperature-sensitive logistics. Whether you’re a part of the food, pharmaceutical, or chemical industry, choosing ThermaWeave will ensure the quality of your products throughout their journey.

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