Delivery of perishable products to home and workplace are becoming more commonplace. Meal kits, prepared meals, fresh meat and seafood, pharmaceutical products and even medical supplies are all modern conveniences that require temperature control. Economical one-way cold-chain solutions are required to avoid spoiling during transit and ensure goods arrive fresh and ready for consumption.

Sancell offer a range of gel packs, ice packs, insulating bags and carton liners which can be mixed and matched to create a solution for your particular product, delivery and timing requirements.

Enquire about our new EnviroTherm insulated thermal liners and bags made from 100% recyclable LDPE 4!

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ArmourBags are approved for deposit through the REDcycle program for recycling with 1850+ drop off points available nation wide at Coles and Woolworths supermarket locations. Soft plastics are collected and sent to REPLAS to be repurposed into a useful products such as park bench seats, decking, bollards, signage, fencing and a myriad of other useful items.

Made from 100% recyclable LDPE 4 EnviroTherm insulated thermal liners and bags are suitable for disposal at 1800+ supermarkets nation wide and can be re-milled into a myriad of outdoor and industrial products. Due to its many uses LDPE is widely accepted by post-industrial recycling streams.

Insulated carton liners make sending perishables easy. Suited to use with recipe boxes, fresh meat and seafood, prepared meals and pharmaceutical. Contact us today to discuss size, supply and quantity options.

Australia’s favourite Protecta Chill gel packs have grown to be become Australia’s favourite Cold Chain solution!

Thermal bags are a convenient way to pack, store or send your perishable products. Include an adhesive seal to lock in cold and ensure freshness. Suitable for use with a range of perishable products.

Use a thermal bags with gel packs to create an easy to handle chilled parcel.


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Weight Product Dimensions Slit Qty p/carton Item Code
THERMAL BAG 480mm (OP) X 280mm + 90mm FLAP + TAPE 85 FGLB10MM3BS050
Weight Product Dimensions Slit Qty p/carton Item Code
THERMAL LINER 650mm(OP) X 615mm(Depth) 150 FGPB10MM3BS035
THERMAL LINER 750mm(OP) X 585mm + 100mm(Depth) FLAP + TAPE 150 FGPB10MM3BS080
Weight Product Dimensions Slit Qty p/carton Item Code
300G GP PROCHILL 300G 150mm X 150mm 44 FGG0300GNBS001
500G GP PROCHILL 500G 150mm X 220mm 28 FGG0500GNBS003
750G GP PROCHILL 750G 150mm X 320mm 16 FGG0750GNBS001
1KG GP PROCHILL 1KG 150mm X 320mm 14 FGG1000GNBS001
1.25KG GP PROCHILL 1.25KG 150mm X 320mm 12 FGG1250GNBS001
Weight Product Dimensions Slit Qty p/carton Item Code
300G GP PROCHILL BUBBLE 300G 150mm X 150mm 32 FGG0300GBUS001
500G GP PROCHILL BUBBLE 500G 150mm X 220mm 20 FGG0500GBUS001
750G GP PROCHILL BUBBLE 750G 200mm X 320mm 14 FGG0750GBUS001
1KG GP PROCHILL BUBBLE 1KG 200mm X 320mm 12 FGG1000GBUS001
1.25KG GP PROCHILL BUBBLE 1.25KG 200mm X 320mm 10 FGG1250GBUS001