Sancell Gel Packs are used to maintain frigid to frozen temperatures during shipping. They are commonly used to move fresh or frozen produce, pre-prepared meals, seafood, pathology and pharmaceuticals. Gel packs are a convenient and economical solution for delivering high volumes of temperature sensitive product.

Protecta Chill gel packs are suitable to freeze and refrigerate. Their LDPE outer bag is 100% recyclable with other soft plastics. The non toxic sodium polyacrylate gel inside means they are safe to use with both food and pharmaceuticals. Scroll down for a gel pack solution to fit your business needs.

Scroll down to see our complete range of gel packs. Download brochure for disposal and recycling information.

Empty ProtectaChill Gel Ice Pack cases are approved for deposit through the REDcycle program for recycling with 1850+ drop off points available nation wide at Coles and Woolworths supermarket locations. Soft plastics are collected and sent to REPLAS to be repurposed into a useful products such as park bench seats, decking, bollards, signage, fencing and a myriad of other useful items.

Promote your brand. Custom printed Protecta Chill Gel Packs give your brand valuable exposure with each delivery. Supply your own design or let our in-house designer create one for you.

Sancell gel packs are safe to use. All Protecta Chill Gel Packs use a non toxic sodium polyacrylate gel. This tried and tested gel stays frozen significantly longer than ice. Goods stay fresher longer, arriving at their destination ready for use.

Protecta Chill Gel Packs are available with a bubble barrier option. The bubble barrier helps to maintain uniform surface temperatures. Protect seafood, pharmaceuticals and other susceptable goods from freezer burn.

Sancell Gel Packs have been independantly tested against our competitors gel packs. They achieve faster freeze times and longer thaw times. What does this mean for your temperature sensitive goods? Simply, they’re protected longer.


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Non Toxic
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100% recyclable LDPE outer
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Custom print & sizing available
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Longer Lasting Thermal Protection than ice
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Independently Tested & Validated
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Suitable for freeze & refrigeration

Independent Testing

When independently tested against our competitors, Sancell Protecta Chill Gel Packs achieve faster freeze times and prolonged thaw times. Faster freeze times means your valuable freezer space is not tied up with excess Gel Pack stock, this allows room for the real heroes of your business, your products.

Prolonged thaw times mean temperature sensitive goods will remain protected longer during transit, this ensures your goods arrive at their destination fresh and ready to use.

Sancell Freeze time


Weight Product Dimensions Slit Qty p/carton Item Code
300G GP ProChill 300g 150 X 150 44 FGG0300GNBS001
500G GP PROCHILL 500G 150 X 220 28 FGG0500GNBS003
750G GP PROCHILL 750G 200 X 320 16 FGG0750GNBS001
1 KG GP PROCHILL 1KG 200 X 320 14 FGG1000GNBS001
1.25KG GP PROCHILL 1.25KG 200 X 320 12 FGG1250GNBS001
Weight Product Dimensions Slit Qty p/carton Item Code
300G GP PROCHILL BUBBLE 300G 150 X 150 32 FGG0300GBUS001
500G GP PROCHILL BUBBLE 500G 150 X 220 20 FGG0500GBUS001
750G GP PROCHILL BUBBLE 750G 200 X 320 14 FGG0750GBUS001
1.25KG GP PROCHILL BUBBLE 1.25KG 200 X 320 10 FGG1250GBUS001