At Sancell, we have committed to innovation and developed specalised thermal solutions specifically for cold chain packaging.

In the dynamic world of packaging, the challenges posed by perishable goods, such as food and pharmaceuticals, are both intricate and demanding. The complexity of packaging perishable goods requires a balance between preserving freshness and maintaining temperature. Factors like temperature sensitivity, exposure to light, and transportation conditions add further layers of complexity. For food and pharmaceutical industries where product integrity is paramount, finding effective cold chain packaging solutions is a necessity.

Why Sancell Cold Chain Solutions?

Temperature Controlled Packaging

With advanced temperature control features, our thermal packaging ensures a consistent environment for your perishable goods during transit

Sancell’s Cold Chain Solutions prioritize prevision and quality as evident in our ISO Quality 9001 certification


Sancell aligns with the demand for sustainable packaging by using eco-friendly materials and recycled content

From design to distribution, sustainability is a guiding principle in ensuring our thermal packaging contributes positively to the planet

In-House Testing Capabilities

Sancell leads in packaging innovation with robust in0house testing facilities for cold chain solutions

Comprehensive testing in various temperature-sensitive scenarios, ensuring reliability and performance

Packaging perishable goods presents a myriad of challenges, but at Sancell, these challenges spark innovation and excellence. Trust us as your supplier to ensure your perishables arrive with the intended quality and freshness.

ProtectaChill Gel Packs

Meticulously developed, tested, and validated, ProtectaChill Gel Packs feature high-quality films and robust seals for unparalleled durability. The 100% non-toxic gel outperforms traditional ice, maintaining a frozen state significantly longer. Designed with safety in mind, ProtectaChill is suitable for various products, from food and seafood to pathology samples and temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals.

Silver Sheen Phoenix Thermal Liners and Bags

Sancell’s Thermal Liners and Bags not only retain the cold but also act as a barrier against incoming heat. The revolutionary Silver Sheen material, first introduced by Sancell, features our signature Phoenix material crafted from 50% recycled content including 25% post-consumer recycle (PCR) and 25% post-industrial recycle (PIR), all locally sourced.

Notably, Silver Sheen liners and bags take up to 75% less space than regular thermal liners, translating to substantial savings in warehouse space and optimised transport logistics.

For the ultimate Cold Chain Solution, pair Silver Sheen Phoenix Thermal Liners and Bags with ProtectaChill Gel Packs – an unbeatable combination in preserving the integrity of your perishable goods.