Businesses that adopt eco-friendly packaging solutions reduce their carbon footprint and minimise overhead costs.

With 80% of customers shopping online, Australian consumers are more environmentally conscious of the impacts of packaging than ever before. Environmentally friendly e-commerce packaging solutions are in growing demand from consumers and are now a factor in their purchasing decision. Overflowing landfills, excessive fuel consumption and warehouse emissions are just a few environmental consequences of e-commerce that is quickly becoming a scary issue for our planet.

Businesses that adopt eco-friendly packaging solutions reduce their carbon footprint and minimise overhead costs. Not to mention the lasting positive impression of their brand image. Looking to reap the benefits of an environmentally friendly packaging solution for your e-commerce business? We’ve got you covered.

Invest in ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ Packaging Solutions 


We already know the environmental costs of damaged parcels, let alone the frustration of receiving a parcel with unnecessary packaging pouring out of the box. Choose packaging solutions that are fit-for-purpose to eliminate empty space; this allows for greater protection and removes the need for unnecessary filler packaging. Sancell’s Armour Padded Mailer Bags can be customised to suit any size; from surfboards to small jewellery boxes, we’ve cushioned it all!


Lower packaging waste, streamlined returns and reduced shipping costs are just a few benefits of reusable and returnable packaging. With bracketing on the rise and return rates at an all-time high, returnable packaging solutions such as padded mailers with a returnable retail seal saves shipping costs and hassle for both you and your customer!

In collaboration with some of Australia’s largest online retailers, we developed an all-in-one, returnable Padded Mailer Bag. This unique packaging solution gives customers and online retailers a well-defined, easy-to-use return option. Robust return policies help to remove the hesitation and pain points that can be a barrier to purchasing goods online. These policies give customers the confidence to make instant online purchases and clear instructions should they be unsatisfied with their purchase.


69% of consumers are demanding packaging that is recyclable; products themselves to be made sustainably (54%) and with ethically sourced materials (37%). Armour Bags are made with 100% recyclable LDPE4 and contain a minimum of 15% recycled content. The entire range is REDcycle approved and can be recycled through the program in Coles and Woolworths stores.

Recyclable packaging solutions are a fantastic development. However, they will have limited impact if you don’t educate your customers on correct disposal. Our customers come to us looking for environmentally friendly packaging solutions, so educating them on recyclability is a large part of our sales and marketing processes. Armour Bags also feature a line print with recycling and disposal information that hides neatly under the seal when in use.

Armour Bag Line Print Recyclability

Know your Packaging Materials

When faced with the choice between the most common packaging materials, paper and plastic, it’s important to avoid the greenwash. With most consumers believing paper to be the more environmentally friendly option, little do they know that it takes 91% less energy to recycle plastic; and 80% more greenhouse gases and 50 times more water pollutants to manufacture than plastic. Understanding the environmental impacts of both; from the manufacturing process to decomposition, is a key factor when choosing eco-friendly packaging.

Unlike other materials, LDPE4 uses significantly fewer resources to produce and recycle, which results in lower carbon emissions. LDPE4 is widely approved by post-industrial recycling streams as it can be re-purposed into a range of products through Replas.

With improved protective packaging decisions and awareness of environmental impacts, we can work together to create a positive experience for your customers all while protecting the world around us. Our biggest piece of advice when developing an environmentally friendly e-commerce packaging solution… be authentic and challenge the greenwash.