Damaged packaging is harming your budget and the environment…

With 10% of all Australian packages arriving to the consumer with some form of damage, replacement goods are expensive but it’s our environment that pays the biggest price. Consider the number of products that are being shipped throughout Australia daily, monthly, and yearly. The environmental penalties, including overflowing landfills, fuel consumption, warehouse emissions and packaging materials, add up very quickly. Salesforce’s Holiday Insights Hub reported Australia’s eCommerce growth to have the highest global increase in 2020 with 108% in Q2 and 107% in Q3. Australia Post alone delivered more than 2.8 billion items in 2020 – that’s 280 million parcels arriving damaged!

The two most common causes of damaged parcels are a lack of protection, and too much empty space causing goods to move and scuff during transportation. A Pergis study proves the severity of the environmental consequences from just one damaged package with a further 5 costs to the planet per each package!

Environmental Costs from one package

Considering all the resources required to ship one single parcel from company to consumer, ensuring you choose high quality, recyclable packaging that protects your goods while minimising harm to our planet is critical. As an ISO Environment 14001 accredited manufacturer and proud member of the Victorian Government Take2 Initiative for Climate Change; Sancell are 100% committed to environmental sustainability. We specialise in customised Protective Packaging Solutions that are engineered to protect your goods and our planet.

Armour Padded Mailer Bags

Sancell’s Armour Padded Mailer Bags are strong, striking and lightweight. All-around padded protection not only reduces movement and scuffing hazards during transport but ensures your customers have a positive experience when their delivery arrives. Should your customer need to make a return, add easy, hassle-free returnable retail seals. Each Armour Padded Mailer Bag is made from 100% recyclable LDPE4 and contains a minimum of 15% recycled content! The entire Armour Bag range is REDcycle approved and can be placed into 1,850 REDcycle bins in supermarkets Australia wide. Available in 16 stock sizes either matte black or white, Armour Bags are the sleekest and environmentally conscious Padded Mailer on the market!

Our product range is comprehensive; however, we understand that creating unique solutions that are fit-for-purpose and contribute to positive environmental change is the future of protective packaging. With improved protective packaging decisions and awareness of environmental impacts, we can work together to prevent damages to not only create a positive experience for your customers but also protect the world around us. Your customers expect you to care for the environment, and our planet demands it.

Consider packaging that protects your goods and the environment by choosing Sancell’s Armour Padded Mailer Bags. Looking for a custom Protective Packaging solution for your products that is 100% recyclable? We have you covered! Speak to our awesome team here.