That's right... bubble wrap!

We all have that urge to unleash our inner child whenever we see bubble wrap and pop until our heart’s content. But, with rising costs of living and freezing cold temperatures, bubble wrap is the most cost-efficient and highly effective way to insulate your home this winter!

Windows are a major source of warmth and light, but they can also be the biggest cause of heat loss. The Australian Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources claim that up to 40% of heat in your home could be leaking out your windows. This means a lot of the expensive energy you are paying to heat your home only goes to waste.

In fact, households in countries with colder climates can often be found with bubble wrap insulation on their windows. Why? Because it works.

Surely Not – How does it work?

Simple! Bubble wrap is a natural insulator. The layer of trapped air in the bubbles forms a barrier that keeps warm air in and prevents the unwanted cold from entering.

Many Aussie homes are built with single glazed windows which are an excellent conductor of heat. It’s great in summer; however, during winter the warmth is lost through the glass, leaving your house freezing cold and the heater blasting – aghh expensive bills! By insulating windows with bubble wrap, you can transform your single-glazed window into something more like a double-glazed window and reap in all those benefits!

Rule of thumb: The thicker the trapped air, the greater the insulation value. Check out Sancell’s 20mm and 30mm bubble range

Tell me more – How will it benefit me?

Insulating your home not only makes it a warmer, cosier setting but is also an effective way to reduce your energy bills. The buffer zone of insulation keeps heat from escaping through the windows when applied from the inside, improving the energy efficiency of your home. Much like the benefits seen from insulating greenhouses with bubble wrap, sources have reported significant energy savings with this simple hack!

Bubble wrap insulation requires little time and is inexpensive (or even free thanks to online shopping).

How will it benefit the environment?

By using less energy, you are reducing your impact on the environment, lowering emissions, and contributing to a more sustainable future.

When using Sancell’s bubble wrap, you are using a product that:

  • Is made using 100% recyclable LDPE
  • Is made using 25% renewable energy with GreenPower
  • Approved for recycle through REDcycle
  • Is manufactured under ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

I’m Convinced – How do I apply it?

It’s as simple as measure, mist, and stick!

  1. Measure the window and cut the bubble wrap to size
  2. Lightly mist the window with water in a spray bottle
  3. Apply the bubble wrap to the lightly misted window (bubble side towards the window) and press it firmly into place

It can easily be removed by peeling from one corner and saved until next year. The best part? It doesn’t leave stains.

So, if you’re looking to cut down on your energy bills; why not try this low-cost, high-impact insulator this winter?

Bubble Wrap on Sancell Windows