Sancell have developed a thermal protector that is 100% locally sourced and produced!

For over 30 years, we’ve collaborated with a diverse range of brands to create Cold Chain Solutions that are tested and validated for thermal performance.

30 years of understanding our customer’s pain points, challenges and objectives have allowed us to transform these needs into solutions that work.

More recently, we have analysed the current supply chain risks and challenges, and the implications these have on our customers. We know that supply shortages, scarce resources and increasing costs are the biggest pain points for our customers right now, which is why our R&D Team have worked hard to develop a solution.

Introducing the next-generation thermal protector…

Silver Sheen

Compared to metalised laminates that are imported from overseas, subject to supply chain risks, and outrageously expensive freight; Silver Sheen is made from 100% locally sourced materials and manufactured right here in Melbourne!

A proprietary blend of aluminium particulates are embedded into each layer of Silver Sheen to trap in the cold and defend any heat from entering. With multiple layers fighting to protect your temperature-sensitive goods, Silver Sheen really is your knight in shining armour!

·  Made from 100% locally sourced materials – minimising supply shortages, eliminating import costs and significantly reducing fossil fuels

·  Australian made – keeping Aussies in jobs

·  100% recyclable – reducing waste to overflowing landfills

·  Includes 30% recycled content – conserving natural resources

·  Made using 25% renewable energy – significantly reducing emissions

The ECO Difference

We wouldn’t be Sancell without taking it one step further! If you are looking to optimise your operational costs and further reduce your impact on the environment, Silver Sheen Eco is the thermal protector for you!

Silver Sheen Eco has been designed to optimise material value and reduce carbon footprint. On top of all the benefits the Silver Sheen material provides, the lower profile of Silver Sheen Eco:

Reduces space by 75%- saving significant costs in warehouse storage, recycling, and freight

Uses considerably less energy and fossil fuels to transport – by getting 75% more on a truck, you are significantly reducing air pollution and the effects of climate change


Since accreditation in 1996, Sancell has manufactured under an ISO 9001 Quality Management System with robust quality control measures. We believe one of the best forms of waste reduction is to provide products that function as required, every time. This ensures our products are fit-for-purpose and made for maximum protection and durability.

Our ISO 9001 Quality accreditation sets the benchmark for the quality of products and the level of service we provide. We strive to continuously improve our processes and systems to not only meet our customer expectations but exceed them.


In addition to ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 45001 Health and Safety, we have held an ISO 14001 Environment certification since 2009. Our commitment to best practice and continuous improvement is evident through our Environmental Management System and dedication to Environmental Initiatives.

Our products are made from 100% recyclable Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE4), and contain between 15-60% recycled content. We recycle up to 80% of waste in-house using our own recycling machinery. Once converted into recycled pellets, we re-feed them through our machines and back into our products. The remaining 20% is sent to independent recyclers and used to develop products such as park benches and fences.

The Ultimate Cold Chain Solution

Silver Sheen Liners and Bags and ProtectaChill Gel Packs are the most effective, locally made and recyclable Cold Chain solution on the market! It makes packing, storing, and sending temperature-sensitive goods easy and convenient.

Our Cold Chain Solution is cost-effective, safe, and suitable for use across several industries. Artisan cheeses, gourmet oysters, convenient meal kits, blood donations and pathology samples are just a few products that will arrive safely, and temperature controlled with the help of Sancell Cold Chain Solutions!