Currently Sancell recycle up to 80% of LDPE4 waste in-house through an onsite recycle machine.

Did you know that most Sancell products are made of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE4)? LDPE4 is a 100% recyclable resource. The momentum to recycle these often single use, consumable products which have typically ended up in land fill, is growing quickly.

Currently we recycle up to 80% of our LDPE4 waste in-house on our own recycle machine. These recycled pellets (pictured below centre) are fed back through our extruders to make the quality Sancell products you know and love. The remaining 20% is re-milled by an external recycling company and eventually used to manufacture products like Carrier Bags, Garbage Bags, Mattress Bags and Builders Film.

Sancell LDPE Recycling

If you’re interested in recycling your LDPE4 waste, small household deposits can be made at collection bins supplied in most major supermarkets across Australia. For commercial quantities there are a number of recyclers around the country who supply collection bags and pick up periodically.

Simply Google Search ‘Soft Plastics Recycling’ and find out who’s picking up in your area. It’s easy to do and saves money on costly waste collection as well was potentially preventing tonnes of plastics from ending up in land fill!