Using bubble bags, thermal liners, courier bags and gel packs, Butterbing are able to ship their Cookie Sandwiches far and wide.

This week we had the pleasure of going out to meet Simone Clark, General Manager of buttercream biscuit juggernaut, Butterbing. Butterbing make arguably Australia’s most delicious cookie sandwiches in Sancell’s home town of Melbourne. We have the pleasure of supplying them with protective packaging and cold chain solutions that allow them to send their tasty morsels to connoisseur’s, cafe’s and restaurants all around the country.

Sancell Butterbing Simone

Butterbing have invested a great deal of time, money and creative energy into building and growing their brand over the last 5 years. Product development and packaging have been critical components to their popularity and subsequent growth. As a predominantly online business it has been imperative to create shipping solutions that ensure the finished product arrives fresh and safe in their beautiful bespoke cartons and canisters, ready to eat.

Working closely with State Manager Eddie Yamanyilmaz, Simone and her crew have developed a complete solution for shipping temperature sensitive goods all around Australia, even as far as Geraldton in WA! Collaboratively, the pair have created a range of solutions for a variety of order quantities and destinations.

Online gift pack orders are sent out in the signature Butterbing magenta canister. To ensure each canister arrives at its destination safely (and most importantly, with the cookie sandwiches ready to devour!) a small snug fitting bag with adhesive strip is used to secure the goods before being slipped into a convenient Sancell courier satchel for sending. The large 30mm bubbles provide considerable cushioning and resistance to impact during transit.

Sancell Butterbing Large 30mm Bubble Bag

For small to medium cafe, restaurant and catering orders Simone and Eddie developed a purpose engineered larger 30mm bubble bag which snugly fits a single carton or 3 gorgeous canisters. These bubble bags are supplied on an easy to dispense roll which reduces handling and speeds up the production line. Let’s face it, if the Butterbing crew didn’t pack these insanely tasty cookie sandwiches quickly they would probably never make it to the customers… they are seriously so damn delicious!

Large orders are dispatched in a robust outer carton and lined with a custom made Sancell metalised-polyester thermal liner. Three inner cartons fit snuggly side by side inside the liner. The liner is made specifically to safely enclose and protect the highly perishable contents within. Sancell Protecta Chill gel packs are then placed in the carton to regulate temperatures throughout the journey. The thermal liner minimises radiant heat transfer whilst retaining the cold supplied by the gel packs, creating a temporarily chilled environment for minimal cost.

Sancell Butterbing Thermal Liner

Working with growing companies like Butterbing who are willing to try new things and push the boundaries is what Sancell is all about. Using Sancell bubble bags, thermal liners, courier bags and gel packs, Butterbing are able to confidently ship their Cookie Sandwiches far and wide. We love nothing more than working with creative companies to develop unique shipping solutions, so contact us today to discuss your tailored solution.