Our commitment to best practice and continuous improvement is proven through our leadership in sustainable packaging and dedication to numerous environmental initiatives.

As a Member of APCO and signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant, Sancell has shared commitments and joint responsibilities to achieve sustainable packaging through material reduction, design, targeted recycling rates, reduced waste to landfill, alternative materials, and circular economy activities.

Our recent APCO report demonstrates our commitment to the environment through sustainable packaging, outlining our efforts as ‘Beyond Best Practice’ under the categories of leadership, outcomes, and operations.


Sancell has shown leadership in sustainable packaging by:


  • Developing a culture where our staff assist in identifying and implementing improvements to help us achieve our environmental goals



  • Actively engaging consumers through on pack labelling and packaging design to encourage correct disposal and reduce the impacts of consumption


  • Initiating and collaborating with numerous customers and suppliers to implement closed-loop initiatives and programs


  • Complying with our ISO 14001 accreditation and Environmental Management System


  • Being nominated as APCO’s highest performing new member in 2020
Leadership results from Sancell’s 2021 APCO Report


Sancell has:

  • Reviewed many product categories against the SPGs, have achieved a reduction in material weight and have been optimised for material efficiency


  • Developed strategies to optimise the quantity of materials in our products that contain post-industrial recycled content


  • Developed products that are 100% reusable and/or 100% recyclable and have no product packaging which goes to landfill


  • Upgraded packaging design to include on-pack labelling for disposal and recovery


  • Reviewed whole product-packaging systems to improve packaging sustainability
Outcome results from Sancell’s 2021 APCO Report


Sancell has improved sustainability operations by:

  • Implementing programs with suppliers and customers to reduce or eliminate single use packaging


  • Implementing continuous processes that monitor and collect data on packaging that has material optimised


  • Communicated packaging sustainability goals and guidelines to several suppliers and customers


  • Implemented processes to monitor and track packaging sustainability requirements throughout the entire supply chain
Operations results from Sancell’s 2021 APCO Report

Future Plans

To continue leading the way in packaging sustainability, Sancell plans to:

  • Develop new products against the SPGs


  • Include an average of 30% recycled content in our products


  • 100% of our products to be reusable and/or recyclable


  • Update packaging design to include ARL onto major product lines, including ProtectaChill Gel Packs and EnviroTherm Thermal Liners


Achieve our zero waste to landfill goal


  • Review and improve on current closed loop collaborations and develop new collaborations with suppliers and customers


  • Continue to identify ways to reduce and where possible eliminate single-use packaging


  • Have our ‘Right First Time’ and ‘’Fit for Purpose’ mantras in mind at all times


  • Continue to educate our employees, customers and suppliers on our sustainable packaging initiatives



You can view our 2021 APCO report here.