'90% of Aussies believe Australia should produce more products locally'.

While international border closures and travel restrictions have increased demand for local products, it has also kept the Australian economy afloat during the pandemic. A Roy Morgan study claims 9/10 Australians believe Australia should produce more products locally. 38% claiming the pandemic has highlighted Australia’s reliance on other countries. While 26% are wanting new employment opportunities to keep jobs in Australia.

In 2020, The Australian Made Campaign launched ‘It’s never been more important to buy Australian than right now’; a promotional initiative to support Australian manufacturers through economic recovery from COVID-19. Since this promotion, 93% of Australians say they are more likely to choose Australian Made post-pandemic. So, what does buying Australian Made actually mean for you as the consumer?

Quality and Service

Australian Standards

Australian business standards are one of the most rigid in the world; you can rest assure you are consistently receiving quality products. At Sancell, we pride ourselves on producing only quality products that perform exactly as required. Our HSEQ team check products daily to ensure our customers receive exactly what they ordered. Our ISO 9001 Quality accreditation sets the benchmark for the quality of our products and the level of service we provide. We strive to continuously improve our processes and systems to not only meet our customer expectations but exceed them.

Lead times and Delivery Costs

Since the pandemic, purchasing local products mean that you can receive items a lot faster than imported goods. Quicker delivery times also mean there is less opportunity for damage in transit. Utilising local delivery services will eliminate shipping insurances, import charges and foreign taxes; ultimately leading to less overhead and allowing for lower product prices.

Customer Service and Warranties

When choosing an overseas manufacturer, you may run into a few obstacles around language barriers that could affect their ability to understand the needs of your business. When it comes to quality issues, all Australian Made products come with guarantees and warranties to ensure the protection of the consumer, meaning less disruption to your supply chain. We pride ourselves on always producing the highest levels of customer service, troubleshooting quickly and collaborating with customers to help them achieve business goals.

Supporting Local

Assist in Economic Recovery

Choosing Australian Made holistically supports the economy. It creates new jobs while keeping others in jobs, supports farmers, growers, small business owners and reduces the cost of welfare; the positives go on and on. By supporting local businesses, you are helping Australia recover from the economic impact of COVID-19.

Fair Trade

One of the biggest contributors to the higher price point of Australian products is the cost of labour. The treatment of employees, the standard of workplace conditions, and the health and safety of workers are highly valued in Australia. This promotes better working rights that empower workers which ultimately transfers into the production of high quality products.   

Lowered Environmental Consequences

When choosing Australian Made, you are choosing to reduce your impact on the environment. Locally made products have a lower carbon footprint than their imported counterparts. Less time in transit means fewer fossil fuels and less carbon being released into the atmosphere over the products lifecycle.

As an Australian plastics manufacturer, we understand the impact our products can have on the environment. For this reason, energy efficiency, waste reduction and minimisation are at the forefront of our manufacturing and product development processes. Sancell’s commitment to best practice and continuous improvement is evident through our ISO 14001 Environment Management System and dedication to numerous environmental initiatives, including partnerships with APCO, ANZPAC Plastic Pact and REDcycle. As an ISO Environment accredited manufacturer and member of the Victorian Government TAKE2 initiative for Climate Change, we operate under circular economy principles and are 100% committed to environmental sustainability and carbon footprint through our Environmental Management System. Choosing Sancell means choosing a company that cares about its environmental footprint.

The Australian Made Campaign recently announced the launch of the first-ever Australian Made Week (Monday 24th to 30th May). The campaign aims to encourage shoppers to focus on Australian Made while celebrating and supporting local makers and growers. Essentially, buying Australian Made products not only supports local businesses and the economy, but also brings a range of benefits to you as a customer, the wider community, and our environment.